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A community fansite for City State Entertainment’s RvR PvP MMO Camelot Unchained! We have information on news, game mechanics, classes, and more. Check out our community forum and blog to join the conversation!

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Mark Jacob’s Weekly Wrapup – Summary
Today, August 26th, Mark Jacobs hopped onto Twitch to give us another weekly beta 1 development wrapup as a part
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Weekly Streaming Schedule Summary
This week's Camelot Unchained streaming schedule can be found here. As usual, I'm here to share a quick run-down of
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Coming in Camelot Unchained
Mark Jacobs sat down in the 'Morning with Max' this morning and did an unscheduled Q&A, along with dropping some
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CU News Around the Web

This page accumulates Camelot Unchained news and information from daily Google searches and #camelotunchained Twitter posts. This page updates regularly with any CU MMORPG news results popping up on Google and/or Twitter. Check it out here and find out about new interviews, gameplay videos, and whatever else the internet has to offer!


Camelot Unchained Development Timeline

Find out about the development path of the Camelot Unchained RvR PvP MMO with our development timeline. When did the kickstarter end? When does beta start? What stretch goals were achieved and how long has CU been in development? It’s all here, every piece of developmental history and information that we could piece together!


Camelot Unchained – Basic Info for New Fans

RealmsUnchained created this ‘What You Should Know About Camelot Unchained‘ community page to help new fans as well as those who haven’t followed Camelot Unchained actively. It provides some basic information and links for getting caught up on some of the key information about the MMORPG. Known races, confirmed classes, key game mechanics, PvP style, and more!


CU Class and Mechanics Information is creating a community page to give quick, critical, to-the-point overviews of each class and their core game features, along with character stats, item stats, mechanics information, PvP systems, and more. This page will be continually in development but the opening page with info for what we know now should be up soon.


Camelot Unchained Videos

Learn more about Camelot Unchained and keep track of current RvR MMORPG development by checking out their videos page here. They put out livestreams for programming and illustrating the game as well as gameplay trailers, class livestreams, interviews, game information, gameplay mechanics, and more.


Learn the Camelot Unchained Lore

On this page, we compile links to all of the game’s lore-based stories so that users can easily follow the game’s storyline development and lore information. Become familiar with your favorite races: Cait Sith, Stormriders, St’rm, Silverhands, Fir Bog, Luchorpan, Vikings, Dvergar, and all the others. Learn about your favorite factions whether it’s Arthurians, Vikings, or the Tuatha Dé Danann.

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"Mark Jacob’s Weekly Wrapup – Summary #CamelotUnchained"
"Weekly Streaming Schedule Summary #CamelotUnchained"
"Mark Jacobs’ Weekly CU Wrapup Summary #CamelotUnchained"
"Unchained Vodcast Ep. 20 – Debating Epic Gear in CU #CamelotUnchained"
"Weekly Streaming Schedule Summary #CamelotUnchained"

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